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Anime 「NOVA」One piece card Game

Anime 「NOVA」One piece card Game

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Normal pack:

DRP + 1 Normal pack

FCR + 2 Normal pack

FHR + 3 Normal pack

Silver puzzle + 1 Hit pack

Hit pack:

FLR + 5 Normal pack

SPA、SPB、CXR + 4 Normal pack

SKP、CBR、SDR + 3 Normal pack

WBR +2 Normal pack

Golden puzzle + 1 Super Hit pack

Super Hit pack:

all super hit pack + 5 Normal pack

??????= magnet

(SMP、SDR、MTR、BZR、PXR) collection

Redeem custom pillows/Custom light painting

Zoro swords, large magnets and binder can be redeemed normally

Shipping for games can be pricier than usual^_^

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